Hudec is an Austrian company and has many years of expertise since its foundation in 1974.

In 1975, the first evacuation chutes were finalised in Austria.

The company is responsible for the final production and annual maintenance of personal evacuation chutes, maintenance of height safety devices and personal protection equipment, as well as the sale of fireproof containers. Hudec manufactures, supplies, installs and services worldwide.

Stationary and mobile evacuation chutes are available, for example in Russia, India, Switzerland, Panama, Ecuador, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Vietnam, Libya, Peru, China, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Pakistan, among other countries.


Our motto:

“Lifesaving and safety for all” with individual and versatile evacuation chutes and safety accessories from Hudec.


Our philosophy:

Hudec is a reliable partner and provides sustainable services for safety systems at fair prices, because safety should not be a luxury.

About us


1974 - Foundation

Company foundation and first business contacts to Japan. Discussions and the start of cooperation with a Japanese producer of evacuation systems.

1979 - Internationalisation

MASTERMIND PRODUCT TAKES THE EUROPEAN MARKET A Japanese mastermind product is being prepared for the European market. The product is unique in its design at the time. Together with sales partners, the first steps towards internationalisation are being taken.

1981 - EUROACE

RESCUE CHUTES BECOME A WORLDWIDE EXPORT PRODUCT Further development of rescue chutes and development of the EUROACE brand. The technical development of the product line complies with European standards, is produced in Austria, and has been continually developed since then. In cooperation with the Japanese producer, EUROACE becomes a worldwide export product.

2001 - Transrapid Shanghai

Equipping the magnetic levitation train Transrapid Shanghai with evacuation chutes. The technical challenge of the project was to install the chutes in the area of the doors – a solution that was the first of its kind worldwide and which HUDEC successfully implemented.

2009 - Russia

First orders in Russia. Vertical chutes are particularly in demand as alternative escape routes for public facilities. HUDEC evacuation chutes are used in hospitals, universities, and airports. Numerous facilities were equipped within a very short time.

2017 - Worldwide use

International projects

Vietnam, Pakistan, Czech Republic, Switzerland, India, Slovakia, Poland, and many more. Hudec evacuation chutes are used to save lives, e.g. in case of fire or other disasters.