“Lifesaving and safety for all” – evacuation chutes from Hudec.

Hudec offers vertical spiral chutes (EUROACE S-1), sloping escape chutes (EUROACE R), chutes for stationary installation ( floor) (EUROACE UX-BOX) and chutes for mobile use by the fire brigade (EUROACE S-1 F/N and EUROACE R-F).

Each chute is made individually per object and action height.The maximum height of use is 90 metres.

Installation is carried out without any major construction work. Flexible, mobile, stationary and individual solutions are offered. Professional training  for use in emergencies and regular annual maintenance are carried out by our certified staff.

The simple and quick operating instructions of the Hudec personal rescue chutes is documented in detail.

The use of the evacuation chute is possible without fear for people of all ages.

For these reasons, Hudec solutions are often used internationally.


Hudec evacuation chutes are particularly popular with

  • fire brigades, especially when using a turntable ladder
  • historical buildings, as no major structural measures are necessary
  • hospitals
  • universities
  • embassies
  • viewing stations
  • suspension railways
  • public buildings, e.g. schools, nursery schools
  • building companies